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Brand Designer

Project Type(s)

Visual Identity

Karel Bright Eyes rebrands as a marketing consultancy with a new visual identity.  I served as

the brand designer and brand consultant; assisting in the renaming of the brand's new core services.


  • Adobe Illustrator

KBE_Concept Deck.jpg
Original Logo

The goal was to develop a new brand identity for Karel Bright Eyes LLC, a photography and video production company. The client wanted it to be modern and bright. They also requested a word and pictorial mark that incorporated a wagon to symbolize how they tow camera equipment. Lastly, it must incorporate the tagline in some form.
Mood Board
Initial Concepts  |  Pictorial + Wordmark Logos
Scope Change
After the initial round of concepts, the scope changed to position the business as a visual marketing experience rather than just a photo/video service.  This meant nixing the pictorial mart for now and proceeding with a wordmark logo instead.

The new scope: The business now includes high-level, full-service marketing consulting.
  • Project Management

  • Photography - creative director, photography, make-up artist, location scouting

  • Marketing - digital advertising, tv promotions, news coverage, email marketing

  • Video Production - producing writing, shooting, and editing

Mood Adjustment  |  Clean + Sleek
Updated Concepts  |  Wordmark Logos
Final Rebrand
KBE Logo Guide.jpg
4x3 ratio template 1.png
4x3 ratio template 2.png
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