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Brand & Web Designer

Project Type(s)

Visual Identity

Wi Not Me, Inc. is a nonprofit founded to empower and equip today's young girls of color girls with the tools needed to advance in the world. For this project, I designed the brand Identity to include: logo design, color scheme, social media posts and the website.


  • Adobe Illustrator


Original Logo

The goal of the rebrand was to refine the overall style and color palette to align more with its target audience.

The colors need to be more vibrant, attractive to elementary to high school age, students, exciting, and interesting.

The overall concept should remain reflective of the silhouette of a Black feminine person. However, altered for more youthful features. Most importantly, stylized to look less like a stock graphic. 

Rebrand Options

The first step was to nix the original color palette and simplify the design. The original logo had too many distracting elements and colors that didn't complement each other.

In the first adjustment
Hair: The hair is more stylized, the angle of the chin was brought down to eye level and the neck was widened to project a more youthful silhouette. 

Typography → The typography was updated to a modern font that had more weight to give the brand more presence.

Colors → The color palette was simplified to a mono-color logo which aided in the cohesiveness of the visual recognition; making it less distracting to digest. 

Icons → The icons were incorporated in two ways: 1. mimicking the original design but using a more strategic placement with the curls, and 2. incorporating the icons into the typography to aid in the scalability of the logo without losing content.

​In the second adjustment
To make the logo even more youthful, the hairstyle was changed and introduced a new color to the palette.

Final Color Palette

The final color palette includes three main colors that work much better with one another: yellow, coral, and teal. In addition to bringing the icons to life, these colors elicit feelings of curiosity, confidence, action, and strength which pairs well with the brand's mission and vision. 
WiNotMe 4_edited.png
Screen Shot 2019-09-25 at 10.41.36 AM.png

Final Logo

The final logo was simplified even more to remove the curls, round out the facial features to better reflect the Black student base, and lastly, add color and layout variations.
Wi Not Logo Final_Teal.png

Optional Color

Horizontal Variations

Web Design |

WiNotMe Site white.jpg

The Brand

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